Certification Process:

Eagle Karate Systems (EKS) Instructors are certified under the National Association of Professional Martial Artist and Cooper Institute Training Standards. Annually certified instructors are the cornerstone of Eagle Karate Systems and Affiliated Schools. These professionals have dedicated their lives to teaching the Arts and motivating people to achieve and earn the coveted “Black Belt”.

Background Checks: 

All EKS Instructors who are 18 years old or older are required to undergo a mandatory background check. In addition, Eagle Karate System licensed school directors conduct background checks on annually-qualified Instructors 18 years old or older in their schools. All Eagle Karate System schools place a high priority on protecting the safety of members. 

Annual Qualification and Continuing Education:  

Becoming an Instructor in the Eagle Karate System takes tremendous commitment and many hours of training. Maintaining a teaching certificate is a continuing process involving further education and annual renewal. All Eagle Karate System Instructors consider themselves lifelong students and are required to earn CEU credits to maintain proficiency and current with the latest policies and teaching methods, ensuring motivation, safety and enhanced learning.

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